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12th May 2017 - Who is your Catch Up® Coordinator?

Coordinator Pack

Free tools and support to manage the interventions – request a Catch Up® Coordinator pack!

Evidence shows that effective management is the most significant factor in the successful implementation and delivery of the Catch Up® interventions. This is why we recommend every school nominates a Catch Up® Coordinator - and why we have made lots of useful free tools to help them in their role!

The Catch Up® Coordinator is the person who takes responsibility for ensuring the successful implementation of the Catch Up® interventions in your school or setting. Find out more about the role on our recent blog.

As part of your Training and Support package, there is a wide range of support tools available, free of charge, to help the Coordinator successfully implement and sustain the interventions.

Who is your Catch Up® Coordinator? Help make sure that they know about all of the support resources available to them to enhance the impact of the interventions, with the Catch Up® Coordinator pack – designed to help Coordinators use all of the free support and resources available.

Request your Catch Up® Coordinator pack, containing:

  • Catch Up® support tools staffroom poster

  • ‘Making the most of the Catch Up® interventions’ training video

  • Catch Up® training bundle vouchers

  • ‘My Catch Up® Journey’ guide for deliverers and Coordinators

  • Review and Refresh additional training session dates

  • Progress Reporting Tool information and video

If you would like a pack, let us know and we will send you one in the post, along with a copy of our new 'My Catch Up® Journey' guide for each of your trained staff .

This support is designed to help ensure that your school is getting the best from the Catch Up® interventions. Remember, all of the additional support and training sessions are free of charge, included as part of the training and support package you have already purchased. Request a pack now!

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