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21st September 2021 - Going green with Gateway Qualifications!

As you would expect, we take our ‘eco-credentials’ very seriously, and are always looking for ways we can improve even further.

We are, therefore, pleased to announce another important development in our journey to be ‘greener’ – the issuing of eCertificates for the Catch Up® qualifications.

Those of you who submitted for accreditation during the past 12-18 months may already have received an eCertificate for any Units successfully completed, followed by a paper version once Gateway Qualifications had resumed printing. (Printing was paused due to the pandemic.) However, in line with many other organisations worldwide, we can confirm that – going forwards – you will now receive only the electronic version.

Apart from having a positive environmental impact, there are, of course, many other benefits to using eCertificates, such as removing the need for replacement certificates, and helping us to avoid an increase in the cost of accreditation.

Once you have received an eCertificate, you are, of course, completely free to print it out, should you wish to do so.

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